How To Lose 7 Pounds Of 7 Weeks The Healthy Way

How To Lose 7 Pounds Of 7 Weeks The Healthy Way

In this article I will give you some simple tips on how to lose seven pounds in just seven weeks. It takes only a short time each day one you will lose weight and feel great
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First you have to wear your pedometer around the house and in the course of your daily errands or work. It is best to start on a Monday. Use it for three days from morning to evening and notice how many steps you’ve taken each day. Next you will want to take three days worth of steps and determine an average. To do this you will add three days of steps and then share them with wood.

After finding out the average, you will deduct this amount from 10 000. The rest will be the sum of the additional steps you need to take every day to start losing weight. My average was 6. 000. So my rest was 4. 000. That means I have to take 4,000 extra steps every day to make my goal of 10. 000 steps.

On the fourth day, you will have on your pedometer and time you how long it takes to make up the extra step you must take. You can go for a brisk walk. I just go up and down my hallway! Do the same on the fifth day. Then determine the average of how long it takes you to do up the stairs by putting it together, and then divide it in two. It only takes me 30 minutes to make up my steps. You can take a weekend off.

Now that you’ve timed your stepping, do you know how long it takes you to make up your missing steps. So figure out a good time during weekdays to fit in your step. If you are a big soda drinker, or even coffee if you add a lot of sugar, you will have better success if you switch over to water. You should check out an article written by Nathaniel Carroll Titled How to lose weight by cutting soda from your diet to help kick soda drinking. If you follow these instructions and do not skip something you should see results after seven weeks. I recommend keeping this habit because you will feel much better if you are in good health 🙂

Tips and Warnings

Take a fiber supplement every day would also help speed things along.
It sounds silly, but an acknowledgment during the trip will also help. Try saying to yourself with every step, and in a positive way (in your own head, or out loud!) “I’m Burning Fat! I’m losing weight!” It really helps!
Not overworked himself and drink plenty of water.

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