How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Want to get rid of those embarrassing man boobs that stop you get in swimming trunks at the pool. Well here’s how to do it
You need:. .
work out clothes.
Dumbbells light or medium depending on your preference
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Moobs, the modern name of the man boobs, can ruin the look of a shirt and turn men into shrinking violets when it comes to tanning. Great Pecs is what we all want, and before you stop reading, these exercises are for women too who want to have a toned chest.
A tight, toned chest is a great resource for the summer for everyone and so here’s how to target torso
Wide arm press ups -. The original chest workout and still one of the best.
The standard touch up works both chest and triceps, and by moving the position of the hands you can choose which area works most. The wide arm position makes breast work more.
Start with the usual press up position with your chest over your hands
Step hands out so that their wider apart than your shoulders
Bend your arms and lower your chest and shoulders almost to the ground
Keep your stomach tight
Straighten your arms to return to the starting position
Repeat x 15

Small face up with knees bent and feet flat
Hold a pair of dumbbells over your chest
Maintain a very slight bend in your arms throughout this movement
Keep your stomach tight
Lower the weights to the floor
Just before your arms touch the floor, squeeze your chest muscles to lift weights back to the starting position
Repeat x 15
On top of each motion allows weights over your chest and not whatsoever

Tips and Warnings

Try to do both of these Exercise 3/4 week. in combination with a healthy and balanced diet, you will begin to notice the toning in the breast area. remember, came the man boobs from inactivity so keep your activity level up and undo the damage.
These exercises suitable for anyone who is a novice to train. Take it slow at first and increase the weights when you get used to doing the exercises.

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