How To Avoid Gaining Weight In College

How To Avoid Gaining Weight In College

The “Freshman 15” is not inevitable. There are steps you can take to ensure that you avoid gaining weight during the first year, or at another point while in college. Eating the right diet can not only help you avoid gaining weight, but also provide you with a clear head and energy so that you can learn as much as possible and focus on college
You need:. .
Calorie Knowledge.
Healthy Foods.

Get calorie information and nutrition facts on the food being served in the cafeteria, fast food or eat alone. Do not eat anything if you are not sure about the calorie content.

Avoid fried and breaded food, then this is absolutely calorie dense and will cause weight gain.

Stick to tomato and herb sauces on pasta instead Alfredo, cream and cheese sauces, which may have more calories than a cheeseburger.


Narrow meat intake to once per day or less. Look for alternative sources of protein, such as a bean burrito or taco, soup, fish or chicken (baked or broiled).

Experiment with new foods and always fresh food or a healthy nutrition bar available when you have limited time to eat.

Weigh yourself weekly. This is a critical monitoring step. Make sure you know your starting weight and check what your ideal weight should be. A link to a weight chart is located within this article.
Limit or avoid alcohol and soft drinks. These are empty calories and even “diet” soda can cause weight gain in college. Substitute low calorie drinks, water, sparkling cider or flavored water. If you must have these border with ¨|n per day, week or month.
Go to class and fit training whenever possible, even if it is for 5 to 10 minute intervals. Do some exercise DVDs on hand that you can see and do in a small space. It’s okay not to finish the whole routine. Just do some movement every day. Even a few yoga or stretching while getting ready in the morning can help you gain energy and avoid weight gain. If you need built-in exercise, join a sports league such as volleyball, tennis, swimming or intramural sports.
Get enough sleep. This helps keep your hormones at the right level, and you may also be able to deal with stress in a more positive way as well as to eat.
Please note each piece. Meaning, think before you eat. Do not just take snacks or other foods out of bags. Sit down and put it on a plate and with a paper plate. Put your fork down or take breaks between bites.
Do not succumb to peer pressure to consume food or drink you do not want. Real friends will respect your wishes and help you along the healthy path.
Allow yourself treats and a day off from training. Do not be afraid to eat your meals parents serve when you are home with your family for holidays, weekends or breaks.

Tips and Warnings

If you need further help, join a group like Weight Watchers.
Pair yourself with other health-conscious individuals.
Try a new healthy food every week.
Visit the health food store for new ideas, tips and snacks you can grab on the go.
Increase fiber in your diet slowly.
Do not fall below 1.00 to 1.00 calories per day under any circumstances.

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