How To Calculate The Free Weight Watcher Points

How To Calculate The Free Weight Watcher Points

When using Weight Watchers as a method of weight loss, you have the opportunity to earn activity points to increase your weight loss efforts. Activity points also allow you to add food points to the daily menu, which gives you a chance to add more filling foods to your diet to avoid starvation. Using Point Booster that came with the new member package, you can calculate how many points to add to your diet, depending on how much training you need
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Point Booster slide from Weight Watchers
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Find out if you have been working out in a low, moderate or high intensity. With a low intensity exercise, you will experience some sweat. If you are sweating for 10 minutes, you may wish to train as moderate intensity, and a high-intensity exercise will make you sweat for 3 to 5 minutes.

Line up the number of minutes you engaged in training with the line either “low”, “moderate” or “high” in the left column in Point Booster slide.

Find your body weight in the right column of the slide. Without moving the slide, find points this training has served. The heavier your body weight, the more points you get for training. As weight goes down, be sure to make a note about training points are also on the way down.

Add to that the number of points to the total extra points available for the week. You can choose to eat food that contains your extra points on the same day that you earned them, or on another day during the week, but exercise points are not transferred to the following week.

Tips and Warnings

If you choose, you can choose not to use the extra points that you earned more weight burner that week. You are allowed to earn a total of 28 extra points per week. If you exercise more than that, you do not make demands on these points.
Check with your doctor before starting the Weight Watchers or other weight-loss program.

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