How Dooes Weight Watchers Points Plan Work

How Dooes Weight Watchers Points Plan Work

Losing weight is so hard. I have been practicing it for the past fifteen years. Sometimes I’m thinner than usual, sometimes I’m not. In the past, I’m not. But I’ve been working on it in the last month and I’ve lost eight pounds. So I’m doing something right
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Sign up for Weight Watchers online or go to a meeting location near you
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Use the 12 step program for this. Take it one day at a time. If you mess up, you mess up. Its ok. Take it one day, and also, a week at a time. If you do not lose one week, do not worry. It happens. Sometimes you hit weird plateaus and you just want to stop losing in a week or so. But stick with it, and weight loss will kick off.

Try your darnest to cut out these weekly points. This is really hard to do. I have not been successful at it yet. But going to try to cut them out. The smaller of these you eat, the faster you will lose.

Drink tons of water. Go to the store and buy two 32oz water bottles. If you hate water, add a little lemon or lime in it and force it down. After a week, you will forget that you ever hated it and demand it. (As a converted water-hate I can personally vouch for this) Your body will feel more awake. You will look better. You can glow. Weight Watchers will not work unless you drink your water. I swear. You can not train, you can be lazy, you can scarf all your points and your weekly points too, but do you drink water. Whoever needed.

Tips and Warnings

Eat all daily points.
Form a circle of friends who will support and encourage you.
Exercise is always better than no exercise. It is not necessary, with Weight Watchers program, but remember, walk a mil and a half day at a fast pace gives you extra points to eat! Which is always nice. (I tend to get about 2 or 3 of this)
Do not starve yourself. If you’re so hungry that carrot sticks sounds delicious when, for heaven’s sake eat something.

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