How To Cut Calories Out Of Your Diet

How To Cut Calories Out Of Your Diet

When you start a diet plan, you will want to learn how to cut calories from your existing eating habits, turning you down to your proper daily caloric intake. Although you can cut existing habits cold turkey, this method is not always effective, because eventually you will crave the foods you once ate. Instead find ways to change your existing diet, to become a more manageable and easier to stick to your plan

Notice everything swallowed you including drinks. Most of us use liquids with much calories as soda, lattes, and alcoholic beverages and do not consume enough essential fluids like water. Try replacing half of the daily high calorie drinks, low calorie drinks as water or flavored water, Powerade Zero, ice tea, or a cup of black coffee with low fat milk and zero calorie sweeteners.


Not eliminate breakfast. Although finding time for breakfast can be a bit difficult, we are fortunate to live in a hectic world as designed on the go breakfast bars that have made it easier to find the time. Just bring your favorite flavor and take it with you. If you are more of the drive thru type, consider low calorie smoothies, parfaits or salads (see dressing), over a croissant with ham and cheese that can have more than 450 calories, ouch! Tropical Smoothie Café © offers 200 or less calorie smoothies that are tasty and filling you up.

Have snacks. Do not, do not eat just because you consider yourself on a diet, you can also get your sweet tooth fix with some sweet snacks. Go to the grocery store and stock up on your favorite fruits and vegetables, even hit your snack island for 100-calorie snack packs. These items are delicious, small and easy to take with you. If you like celery, eat them all you want, they as well as most pickles has zero calories (watch your salt intake).

Lunch is important. At this time in the day, you’re still busy with errands and things that need to get done and not eating enough can cause the body to want to shut down. Bring lunch with you. Make a sandwich, find bread high in fiber and a small amount of ham or turkey with mustard, lettuce, pickles, salt and pepper, and you can be under 200 calories. Have a bowl of soup, Progresso soups now have weight see friendly supper for those who are on Weight Watchers. These boxes have as little as 60 calories a serving, with one can have 2 servings, you are only 120 calories. Have a bowl of soup with half a sandwich and you get a nice lunch.
-If You’re big on drive through lunches, stick to low calorie meals as a salad, but get a low fat dressing. If you need more than just salad for lunch remember that some of your favorite fast food places are enormous. I recommend choosing a kids meal, as these are the only things on the menu of normal proportions. A McDonald’s kids meal 4 piece chicken nugget, with a small fry, and a 12 oz Sprite, still has 520 calories, not including sauces, eliminate Sprite for an unsweetened ice tea (use artificial sweeteners) and I’m sure you can cut a 100 calories.

Do not forget to add plenty of fiber to your diet. The average adult intended to consume 25 grams of fiber each day. Fiber plays an important role in sustaining life, treats food and keep the body free from disease, it helps even in preventing disease. Kellogg’s makes a delicious line of fiber plus products containing 35% (9 grams) of your daily intake. You can also find bread with as much as 6 grams of fiber, prunes and beans, which can easily be adjusted in your daily diet.
At dinner you want to make sure you do not eat too late. Try to eat at a time where you still have 2-3 hours before going to bed, this allows you to process some of them food instead of saving it on your body. Add protein for dinner, but you do not need much, 4 grams is all you really need. If you eat 4 grams of a boneless skinless chicken breast, you consume about 125 -135 calories (though each brand is different, I found this a good average). Check your portion size, especially if you’re a fan of boxed food. A box of flavored rice can consist of 180 -250 calories per serving but has 4 or 5 servings, so be careful if you eat alone or share it with only one person.

Do you know what your daily intake should be. Read my other articles to find out more about watching calories. Dieting is hard, but it’s very rewarding when you begin to lose weight. Good luck!

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