How To Have A Healthy Snack On The Go

How To Have A Healthy Snack On The Go

Life can be pretty hectic, and you seem to be very busy all the time. Maybe you go on business trips four times a month, or you have four kids with all different activities to participate in and it looks almost impossible to eat healthy. Did you manage well with the main meals, but you are completely lost when you need to have a healthy snack? Here are some simple snacks suggestions for busy people on the go
You need:. . .
Desire to have healthy snacks

Nuts Nuts make the best snack possible. They are full of healthy fats (especially omega 6 which is very difficult to get enough) and fiber. They are small, not messy and you can easily carry them around. All nuts are good for snacks, but the healthiest choices are walnuts and almonds. Since nuts are high in calories watch out for quantity-7-8 nuts is enough for a snack. Be sure to buy unsalted natural nuts.

Dried fruit.
Dried fruits are beneficial to health almost as much as fresh fruit if they solve some of the vitamins in the process of drying. However, all minerals and fiber still there, they can easily packaged (or purchased) in small packages, and they go very well with nuts. Be sure not to abuse dried fruit since they are also very high in calories

The best are blueberries. Full of antioxidants and very little calories blueberries are one of the healthiest snacks possible. They are readily available in the summer and will not destroy your calorie intake and appetite.

If blueberries are snack for summer than mandarins (tangerines) are ready snack for winter. They are small, you can peel them easily and they are not as messy as oranges to eat. Like all citrus fruits are full of vitamin C which is very good to fight all those winter colds and flu.

Cheese is a good source of protein and calcium. It is also readily available in the form of cheese sticks already packaged and sold in every grocery store. You can also buy cheese in bulk and cut and pack your own.
Dark chocolate.
Dark chocolate (at least 72% cocoa) is a good selection of snacks as well. It gained popularity and recognition in recent years as a healthy food with lots of antioxidants in it. Watch out for calories and for outside temperature because the chocolate will melt.
Popcorn or pretzels.
If you find yourself completely out of any snack resources than those offered by the gas station than your best choice is plain popcorn or pretzels. They are reasonably low in calories and fat since they are usually baked and not cooked as in chips and the sodium content and the amount of preservatives will be lower than jerky.

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