How To Lose Weight Gained Due To Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

How To Lose Weight Gained Due To Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

If you have suffered with adrenal fatigue for several months, you know that the condition comes with a weight gain characterized by a thick layer of belly fat.
Traditional weight loss attempt will not work for those with adrenal fatigue, because many common sense approaches to weight loss can lead to a worsening of other symptoms of adrenal fatigue

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The weight gain associated with adrenal fatigue was caused by many contributing factors: depression, decreased insulin sensitivity (also known as insulin resistance), increased levels of blood cortisol, and cravings for sweet and starchy foods. To get rid of the weight, all these issues to be addressed.

First, start by eliminating all white starches (such as white flour, white bread and biscuits, white pasta, rise, sugar and potatoes) from your diet. Your adrenal fatigue causes you to claim them, but ultimately, you are in control of what you put in your mouth. Fighting these cravings will also help other symptoms, such as insulin resistance and depression.
Increase intake of protein in the form of lean meat. After a strict low-carb diet and eat low-carb recipes will be of extreme benefit. Any carbohydrates you eat should be whole grains (such as whole wheat pasta).

Perform a soft training program. While conventional weight loss programs can suggest aerobics or weight lifting to increase your metabolism, these exercises are contraindicated for people with adrenal fatigue. Instead, exercise your body by taking relaxing walks, or participate in a program of gentle yoga. As your body and mind heal, you can begin to intensify your workout, but in the early months, it is important that you treat your body gently.

address and treat your symptoms of mild depression. This can be done by simply watching comedy movies that make you laugh. Laughter increases the levels of “feel good” hormones, which helps lift the symptoms of mild depression.
By relieving your depression, you will pave the way to be more motivated to continue with healthy diet and gentle exercise program so you can continue to lose weight.

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