Six Surefire Ways To Stay Slim

Six Surefire Ways To Stay Slim

If you have good genes, you stay slim be easy. But most of us have to work to keep the weight off. The temptation is everywhere, it seems to get harder to keep the weight of both as you give into temptation and become older, when your metabolism naturally slows. But there are some things we can do to keep the weight off and to stay slim for a long time
Yes, we’ve all heard it before. But exercise is essential to keep the body slim and toned. If you exercise, you naturally increase the body’s metabolism, which means you can eat a little more of what you like (and what can be higher in fat or calories) and not gain weight.

Aim for at least 20 minutes of exercise every day, but more is better. Ideally, you should aim for 50 minutes a day. But you can get a lot of activity through normal daily activities like running errands and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Wear a pedometer and aim to walk 10,000 steps a day, which is about 5 miles.
Eat Good Fats
Generally, it is good to reduce the amount of fat you eat, but do not take this too far. Some fats are good

therefore aim to eat good fats, the ones that keep your skin and hair healthy -. And keep your heart healthy, too. These fats contain the kind found in olive oil and those found in nuts. Eat fish, which are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart.

Reducing “bad” fats, or those found in packaged foods, fast food, beef and processed meat.
drink water
Not only is water good for your skin, but it helps you stay slim by keeping you feeling full. Often we eat when we are thirsty, not hungry. If you deal with thirst on a regular basis, you ensure that you eat only when truly hungry.
avoid alcohol
More than one person has followed a strict diet eat only to spoil it by drinking too much. Even a mixed drink can throw the best diet into the danger zone.

If you like to drink socially, making room for a drink in your daily calorie allotment. You can eat a lighter (but still healthy) lunch and dinner, and make room in the daily calories that mixed drink later.
Living a healthy lifestyle
People who live a generally healthy lifestyle is more apt to be able to keep your weight in check than those who do not.

What do we mean by a healthy lifestyle? Keep an active social life and quit smoking if you smoke today. Get enough sleep and try and keep a positive outlook. All these things can help you maintain a healthy weight by giving you a sense of control over your life.
Weigh Daily
Opinion is divided as to whether you should weigh often, but some studies seem to point to the daily weigh-ins as a natural way to keep your weight in check.

The National Weight Control Registry reported that people who weigh today are more likely to deal with any weight gain immediately, while those weighing weekly or less are more likely to gain weight and will not realize and deal with it immediately.

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