Body Weight Outcomes Calisthenics Training

Body Weight Outcomes Calisthenics Training

Lung exercises are among the many fitness moves in calisthenics. These exercises focus on developing, defining and toning the lower body muscles. Calisthenics lunges develop thighs, quads, hamstrings, buttocks, legs and lower body. The following steps will help you to comply with proper posture and form while doing bodyweight calisthenics outcomes

Stand with your legs together. Be sure that your body is completely aligned in the same direction. Your hands and arms can be placed on your hips or placed along the sides.

Step one leg forward while staying balanced on the opposite foot. Bend both knees as one leg extends forward and the other stays in place.

Follow the direction of the extended leg bring it to a full kneeling position. Your forward lunge-like movement is one of almost kneeling on the back leg, but this leg is the knee should not touch the ground.

Press out, with outstretched legs back to a standing position. Repeat lunge with the opposite leg. Alternative legs during exercise repetitions.

Do not extend your knees past your toes and chest past the knees. Keep your hips in a forward-facing position and not rotate them during the entire exercise.

Tips and Warnings

Hand weights can be incorporated in body weight Lunge doing exercise more challenging.
If possible, use a spotter on the first day you do this exercise in case a muscle is tight or pulled.
Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

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