How To Lose Weight Fast By Avoiding Wheat

How To Lose Weight Fast By Avoiding Wheat

Stop eating wheat and you can lose weight quickly, perhaps as much as one kilogram a week (I did!). The chemistry of wheat in your mind is like an opiate that makes you weak. Wheat is often combined with sugar you get fat. ! Stop wheat addiction and lose weight quickly
You need:
a readiness to change
. determination.
patience with yourself.

Educate yourself. Learn how the human body reacts to compounds in wheat by reading about opiate Receptor Mechanics. Wheat is, essentially, an addictive drug that helps migraine and many other problems. For some people, it is the gluten in wheat a life-threatening allergen. Learn more by reading about celiac disease. Wheat is often combined with sugar (donuts, cake, etc) and then you get fat. :. . . (
Make a decision for a day Select a day when you feel mentally and emotionally strong and want to lose weight quickly Decide to eat any wheat products at all on the day. Live in thoughtful awareness throughout the day. You will probably be shocked by how much wheat is available during a typical day. Remind yourself that addicts need a constant dose their chosen drug, but that you break the habit.

Focus on the negative. When you are faced with wheat products, remind yourself about the facts you have learned and you will lose weight fast and be healthy. Each time, deciding to eat only healthy food.

Focus on the positive. Fully enjoy all the other foods available, enjoy every smell, really taste every bite, linger over every bite. Eat slowly and thoughtfully. Clear away the dishes as soon as you’re done, but stay and visit with friends at the table. Satisfy your emotional needs through connections and relationships, not through food.

Review at the end of the day. Make a list of all the things you do not eat and think of all the calories you do not need to train away. If you want to be even more impressed, use a calorie counter to determine exactly calorie count and total. Feel proud of yourself to achieve your goal today.
Sleep well because you’re so glad you’ve achieved your goal. Greet the new day! Determine again. You have complete control over what you eat and if you stop eating wheat, you will lose weight quickly. You can do it!

Tips and Warnings

holding an apple with you
Practice ways to say no
weigh yourself only once a week
People will try to persuade you -! be strong
you may feel deprived first-give it a chance to work

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