Methods For Liquid Detoxing

Methods For Liquid Detoxing

Detoxify the body through liquid diets are a fantastic way to clear systems and organs for chemicals and unused waste left behind by the food you eat. There are several ways to do this treatment, depending on how drastic measures that you are willing and physically able to handle. Before starting a detox, check with your doctor
water Detoxification
Water fasting is one of the most drastic forms of liquid detoxification diets. This method should not be used for more than a few days before introducing at least fruits and vegetables to your diet. Check with your doctor to ensure that your body can handle survive on just water for a few days.
juice Detoxification
Drink only fruit and vegetables for seven to 21 days is a widespread method of detoxification. Invest in a good quality juicer and use organic fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent ingesting more chemicals than necessary.

Vegetable juices, such as beets or spinach, has a strong, earthy flavor that some people dislike. It helps to mix fruits like oranges, apples or lemons in with vegetables. Drink juice immediately after unpacking them, as they will degrade over time, and when stored in the refrigerator. Drink plenty of water every day.
Other Detox Methods
A popular liquid detox is the Master Cleanse. This program begins with slowly removing meat and processed foods from your diet, so drinking only juice, and finally starting the “Lemonade Diet.” The “soda” is a combination of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper and real maple syrup. You also drink herbal tea. After five to seven days, reversing the process.

There are some commercially made liquid detox diets available. Some commercial liquid detox diets containing recipes for every meal to ensure that you get the right vitamins and minerals.
A word of caution
Always check with your doctor before beginning liquid detox program, and ensure that you get the proper nutrients during detoxification yours. Extreme hunger, dizziness, stomach upset and headaches are possible side effects. You will most likely need to add supplements including psyllium husk to help the natural cleansing process together.

After a few days on a liquid detox program, you will most likely experience a loss of water weight, a renewed sense of energy and an end to any side effects. You can make a liquid detox program for a few days to a week at each change of season, or four times a year. At the end of detox, slowly introduce solid foods into your diet. This will help to maintain higher metabolism, better digestion and absorption of nutrients, and more efficient body systems for better health and longevity.

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