How To Calculate Net Calorific Value

How To Calculate Net Calorific Value

The amount of heat released during the combustion of a substance is usually either petrol or food at constant pressure called heating value or calorific value. Every drug has a unique calorific value. A common source for finding calorific value is through the use of a bomb calorimeter.
When combustion is performed, it generates water vapor state. The heat in this vapor can be calculated using scientific techniques and are expressed as the higher heating value (HHV) and the lower heating value (LHV), and gross heating value (GHV). A method commonly used in conjunction HHV to LHV is: HHV = LHV + hv x (nH2O, out / nfuel, i)
do you need:
Bomb calorimeter
. Combustible substance.

calorific value of Peanuts

There are many types of calorimeters. Decide what kind would be best suited for the required accuracy and material used. The bomb calorimeter is a very common tool for measuring caloric values.

Place the peanuts inside the bomb calorimeter.


bomb calorimeter will combust peanuts and evaporate the water contained in it. As peanuts burn, heat the air inside the calorimeter.

The expanded air escapes through a pipe from the calorimeter. As the air escapes, it heats up the water outside the pipe. This heated water is used to calculate the calorie content.

The heat of water vapor is calculated and compared against standard benchmarks to obtain calorific value.

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