Diet Herbalife

Diet Herbalife

In the world of dieting, many names come and go. Herbalife has been around for a long time, but fades it in and out of popularity. In the past, Herbalife overshadowed by issues surrounding their sales and distribution that puts the company’s reputation at risk. However, according to most experts dieting, Herbalife a valid diet system as effective as many other similar diets on the market
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What is Herbalife
Herbalife claim to use natural, herbal substances to help dieters lose weight quickly and with proper nutrition. Herbalife’s “core” consists of nutritional shakes, a multivitamin complex and cell activator supplement. Dieters should have a nutritional shake for breakfast, another for lunch and then a “sensible dinner” that diet products do not define.

A multivitamin is supposed to be taken once a day and offers essential supplements. Cell activator claim to help the body to better absorb vitamins and minerals and help to increase cellular energy production to support weight loss.
other products
In addition to the core product, Herbalife offers a range of other products, which can complement the Herbalife diet. These include protein snacks, several varieties of shakes, a supplement designed to prevent weight gain caused by snacking, a product that aims to reduce cellulite through fluid in the skin and another supplement that claims to be a metabolism booster.

Herbalife offers various packages that include various combinations of these products in addition to core products special package rates.
Distribution and competition
Herbalife sold only through authorized distributors direct sales. It works much like Avon, Amway and Mary Kay Cosmetics where marketing is done exclusively through their representatives. Herbalife’s website can help direct consumers to their local distribution representatives.

Some nutritionists and doctors question the safety of Herbalife products that aim to affect metabolism, cellular respiration rates and nutrition. Before using Herbalife or any diet products system, it is best to consult a doctor.

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