How To Make A Tasty Green Raw Food Smoothie

How To Make A Tasty Green Raw Food Smoothie

If you have plans to add more raw foods to your diet, a green smoothie the easiest (and most delicious!) Way to start. Raw food diets are great for controlling or reducing the symptoms of a variety of medical conditions, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.
Green smoothies can be plain or extravagant, including just a fruit and some vegetables, or add in a whole range of supplements.
I like to dose my smoothies with a bunch of fresh well so I get the most bang for my buck.
You need:
Fresh fruit and vegetables
. Powerful blender.

Pour 1 1/2 to 2 cups of cold water in the blender your, depending on how much fruits and vegetables you want to add, and how many servings you want.

Start simple. Apples are great starters for a green smoothie, since they have a good amount of fiber, is tasty (and cute!), Cheap, and not as subject to seasonal fluctuations as other fruits. Core the apple, cut it into four pieces (two cuts), and toss it in. You do not want to eat the seeds, since they contain arsenic.

Add vegetables. I use dark green vegetables like kale, chard or red chard (my favorite) so I get them into my diet in the form of a tasty smoothie instead of trying to eat them raw on my plate. You can also add some healthy parsley to the mix. 1-2 leaves of dark green vegetables, and a handful of parsley should do the trick. You do not need to cut them up-just throw them up and shove them into the blender
Sweeten it up. . . If you like a sweeter smoothie, and especially if you are just starting out, add 1-3 teaspoons of agave syrup. It’s very cute and also very low on the glycemic index. Once you get used to drinking green smoothies, you may want to omit agave.

Add mix-ins. There are many nutritional boosters that you can add to your green smoothies. I like to add green powder, freeze-dried acai, lecithin, an amount of fresh ginger (unpeeled) and flaxseed oil to get a big nutritional boost.
You can also use some raw cocoa powder for a chocolate smoothie. This is great when you add blueberries as an extra fruit.
Extra fruits and vegetables. Adding some frozen fruit or other fruit in season adds some nice flavor to green smoothies. I like frozen blueberries and frozen mango. You do not need much, but it makes a big difference.
If you or your family creeps on the green color of smoothies, then you can add half of a beet (unpeeled) to the mix. Bete will add a little bit of sweetness and strong red color, so you’re smoothie will end up looking more purple than green (think Barney purple!). Beetroot is a great blood purifier, so they add some nutritional value as well.
Blend. Put the lid on the blender (tightly!) And start at a low speed, increasing the speed at which fruit and vegetables are processed. Not over the process or the powerful blenders will actually begin to warm up smoothie!
Enjoy! If you do not make up the whole blenderful of smoothie all at once for your family, you can whirl a few seconds on low before pouring out the next serving. This recipe will give 2 or March 10 to 12 ounce glass green smoothie.

Tips and Warnings

For best results, use a high-powered blender like a layer of Blendtec (see link below). BUT, it is better to use what you have, than to do nothing at all!
Use fresh produce as much as possible for the best nutritional value.
Try different combinations until you find what you like!
Do not fill your blender! You must leave sufficient room for the ingredients to the process.

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