How To Lose Weight And Lose Diet Word

How To Lose Weight And Lose Diet Word

No one likes the word “diet.” It smacks of deprivation. . and conjures up images of eating cottage cheese and carrot sticks, while others feast on lasagna. (Actually, I like cottage cheese and raw carrots and do not care for the pasta but there’s no accounting for taste.) So let’s not diet. The classic British term “dieting” (as in, I can not eat it, I’m slimming) focus more on results and less on process. The result is a leaner, more fit you

Decide to change your eating habits. This is very different from saying, I will diet until I lose 25 pounds. A habit is formed over time, through many repetitions, for breaking it requires conscious thought and action
Step 1 is a sounding theory. . . Now, how do you put it into practice? Start by being aware of and enjoy the food, and not just when you eat it. Take pleasure in choosing your meal (not it’s color is the well balanced did you include fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals?) In preparing or mount it (OK, maybe it just means zapping it in the microwave); and arranging using it a real table setting. Add a fresh apple to low fat frozen entree to satisfy crunch, polish first, and it looks pretty too. Take 10 seconds to take a cloth napkin instead of paper, and transfer that microwaved pizza to China or stoneware plate. Yes, you’ve heard some of these ideas before, but they help you stop and think, prevents you from just cramming food in your mouth rises.

Truly your experiences eating process. Really tasting food, try a few bites of a right, then another, enjoying the contrast of flavors-all to make you aware of what and how much you eat. You may think there is no time for all this in today’s hurry-up world, but it takes a few extra minutes to thoughtfully prepare and eat a meal. I’ve spent as much total time stuffing my food down, feeling unsatisfied, and then wandered around the kitchen looking for something else to munch.

When you’re through eating, you’re through. Learn to enjoy the feeling of not being overfull. If you are still dissatisfied, wait 30 minutes, then ask yourself-I am genuinely hungry, or is it my habit to fill up all the corners? Remember, you can always have tonight remains to lunch tomorrow. Do not eat the last few bites just to clean the plate. I bought some very small storage boxes so I feel comfortable just saves a few tablespoons of leftovers.

Calories count, but you do not have to be a slave to count calories. Keeping a food journal works for some, others, like me, need a less structured approach. I balance out my food choices every day, if I splurge on a couple of cookies for lunch, I have a main straight salad or vegetable soup for dinner (easy on the dressing, preferably vinaigrette). My mirror or the scale tells me I’ve put on a few pounds, it’s time to give up cookies altogether. The point is to find the system that works for you.
Hu eat (be conscious and aware of your food) makes you feel full. Mindless Eating leaves you less happy. What’s your choice?

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