How To Make It Through Training

How To Make It Through Training

When you first start a workout routine, your motivation high. It is how well you maintain that level of motivation that determines success or failure. Here are some tips to keep you going

Music. . . Put together a playlist that lasts as long as the intended training. Mix together songs that pump you up, is catchy and sounds that lead the mind to wander.

Pictures. If you have an iPod, or another form of mobile device that can handle images, upload photos motivating for those moments when you really, really want to get off the treadmill. It can be anything from a picture of yourself looking your best, a picture of a celebrity that inspires you or one of your children as you want to stay healthy for.

Reading. Nothing makes time ticked faster than getting lost in a good book. This applies equally for exercise, particularly cardio. Unable to read while working up a sweat? Try audiobooks. Before you know it 30 minutes have elapsed!

Friends. Use the buddy system. This gives good conversation and a chance to catch up on each others lives. It also gives you someone to answer, but choose wisely. Friends can also sabotage your workout.

Group Fitness. Most gyms offer a variety of group fitness classes to participate in. If your daily routine gets boring, you are more likely to quit halfway through, or all together. Classes are a great way to mix up your workout and keep it interesting, therefore keep you interested.

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