How To Prepare Fast Food For Atkins Diet Success

How To Prepare Fast Food For Atkins Diet Success

Henry Ford said “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.” If you have selected Atkins as a lifestyle, is this quotation definitely true for you. Having food that you can eat ready for when you get hungry will help to keep you away from things that you have an obligation not to eat! . Here is a short list of foods that can be prepared in advance for quick snacks and meals
do you need:
Ingredients to make desired snacks Eggs, cheese, vegetables, lunch meats, etc.

Cut the cheese into 1/2 oz. squares in small baggies in the fridge so you can retrieve them when you want something to eat.

Add vegetables you like and keep in small bags and coolers. This is another great snack to just grab and eat when hungry.

Boil 6 or more eggs at a time. Refrigerating them so that you can quickly take a few if you want a snack. You can either peel them and eat them whole, or you can do a quick egg salad. If you prefer egg salad over plan hard boiled eggs, make it and keep it in the refrigerator too.

Get chicken breast, trim them, and then place one or two in small freezer bags with an induction legal marinade. For a very simple marinade, just add a little Italian dressing. Now put them in a freezer bag and toss in the freezer. Tine and roast or grill them for a good meal.

If salads are your thing, get some prepared without dressing and put them in small tupperware containers. Now you can only take one out of the fridge, add dressing and eating.
Make lunch meat wraps. Get your favorite lunch meat, add a little cream cheese, a little onion, and roll them up. Put them in a container and refrigerate. Just take and enjoy when you need a snack.
When you cook a meal, especially things like hamburgers, chicken breast, etc. do any more than you eat. They make great snacks later, and can be cut up and used as a salad topping.

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