How To Count Carbohydrates On A Diet

How To Count Carbohydrates On A Diet

We are now learning that carbohydrates (carbs) can contribute significantly to our downfall during a diet. Many crave them, some only them will, but you must understand them to lose weight on a diet. Counting carbs can be tricky especially if you are strictly using those shown on box

All products are suppose to have nutrition facts on its packaging. Experiencing the label on the package. Total carbohydrates are one of the categories and appear in bold black letters.

The amount per serving is displayed as the first number and percentage daily value will appear as the second century by category. Directly under this category will appear products amount of dietary fiber and sugar of the total carbohydrates.

It is necessary to make some calculations regularly. The carbohydrates are per portion size, so if you use more than one serving size you have to multiply the amount of servings times the total carbohydrates. For example, the serving size of 4 biscuits and 9g of carbs per serving 8 biscuits (2 servings) would in reality be 18g carbohydrates.

understand that serving size is directly correlated with the amount per serving will help you count the carbohydrates properly. This can be an eye-opener if you try to understand why you do not succeed on your diet.

Tips and Warnings

This is set up by most Nutrition Facts labels. It does vary.
Understanding counting carbohydrates from nutrition facts labels does not guarantee weight loss.

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