How To Lower Your Cholesterol By Changing Your Diet

How To Lower Your Cholesterol By Changing Your Diet

Change your diet, and you can lower your cholesterol. Feel better and feel Healthy

You need:
Whole grains.

Lowering cholesterol may be the most important thing you can do to prevent heart attacks and strokes. You can lower your cholesterol at home by eating certain foods. Eat healthy for a long life.

Eat Oatmeal least every other day. Spruce it up by adding some fresh fruit like blueberries and peaches. This will help to lower cholesterol the natural way. Eat whole grains such as whole wheat bread. Skip white bread is not much nourishment in white bread.

Limit the use of foods high in saturated fat, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet will help keep total cholesterol down.

If you eat meat, limit the types of meat with high fat. Try to eat more lean meats and smaller portions of meat. Your meat portion should be the smallest amount of food on your plate.

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