A Child’s Diet And Behavior

A Child’s Diet And Behavior

Children are like flowers: they need the right nutrients to grow and prosper. But even with a balanced diet, certain foods can affect a child’s behavior

You need:
Measuring tape
. Magnifier.

allergist Benjamin Feingold in 1970 was the first to blame changes in the behavior of food allergies, particularly of food additives. Studies that followed, a draw, however: Some showed correlation between changes in behavior and diet, in others, there was little or no improvement when additives were removed.
In another study cited in Dr. Spock website, children with ADHD (ADHD) and their families fed diets with and without refined sugar and additives. There was no difference in behavior in 99 percent of children with either diet, but the artificial diets caused profound changes in the remaining 1 percent.
elimination Diet
An elimination diet can help find a food allergy. It works by removing suspicion ingredient from your diet for about two weeks, then slowly reintroduce it to see if a reaction occurs.
other factors
What next diet can affect behavior. Bullying at school, drug or disease, for example, can make a child depressed, irritable or lethargic. If your child is not itself, check it out.

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