Eat More Vegetables

Eat More Vegetables

Dark green leaves are unbelievable for us. Green has a large nutrient density and a small caloric density so you get tons of bang for your buck when you eat greens. Dark green leaves provides lots of vitamins and minerals, as well as calcium and protein as many worries to be deficient in. Here are some easy, tasty ways to start and benefit from all the greens have to offer.
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Get some variety in salads. Dark leafy greens generally has a stronger, even bitter taste than romaine or iceberg lettuce so you might not want a full salad of them. BUT, start mixing in some other vegetables with your romaine lettuce to get a higher nutritional benefit of the salad. Even if you make mostly romaine or iceberg lettuce and a little bit of something like arugula or swiss chard you will be golden!

A brand new package! Take some of your favorite sandwich fillings and use large dark greens instead of bread to make a new twist on a healthy wrap. You can play with tons of different fillings and various magazines. Romaine lettuce works well, as do green vegetables and cabbage leaves. You can find plenty of recipes online also interesting salad wraps.

Drink green! This may sound scary to some, but green smoothies is a super simple way to enjoy the health benefits of dark green leaves. Mix 70% fruit with 30% greens and some ice and you get a tasty, filling way to enjoy greens! Use a variety of vegetables and different combinations of fruit to obtain optimum health and taste benefits!

Juice these greens! Try using a juicer to make green juice. Add apples, lemons, or other sweet fruits that really make green juice enjoyable. Plus you get all the health benefits of greens without digesting all the fiber. Freshly extracted juice gives you all the living enzymes that raw foodies swear! Drink green juice is a major step toward achieving optimal health.

Tips and Warnings

Using various greens-spinach, kale, arugula, collard greens, swiss chard, the list goes on and on!

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