Healthy Eating At A Fast Food Restaurant

Healthy Eating At A Fast Food Restaurant

Everywhere you look today, you can find fast food restaurants screaming at you with another advertisement. “Supersize” and “Biggie Size” is the common thread it seems. But is this really necessary? There are some great tips on how to eat healthy in fast food restaurant? Yes it is

Avoid ordering anything “super duper,” “giant,” “biggie,” what you would call it, of the menu. It does not matter what fast food restaurant you often, you’ll probably be asked if you want the larger size for just a few cents more.

Say no to sauces. Avoid mayonnaise, tarter sauce, or salad dressings. They may have lots of calories and several grams of fat.

Drinking water. Not only will this save you from consuming too much sugar, it is much cheaper too. Most people do not drink 6-8 recommended glasses of water a day. You can take care of four of those with a 32-ounce “supersize” glass of water.

Find food that is not fried. Most fast food restaurants now offer one or two items that are not fried. You can find unbreaded chicken sandwiches, which is much better for you than the three patty burger.

Eat a salad. Almost all of the fast food restaurants have begun offering a lighter fare or salads. Although this is good for those who want to eat healthier, be leery of dressings used on salads. They can pack a large amount of fat in just a couple of tablespoons. Instead, choose fat free or reduced-calorie dressings.
Leave the cheese off. If you feel you must have that hamburger, leave the cheese off. Cheese is very high in fat. If you cut the two sectors as is often at a fast food hamburger, you’ve just saved yourself 180 calories.
Ask for the nutritional information guide. All restaurants are now required to have this information available to its customers. You may be surprised at what you see

Tips and Warnings

You can eat healthy at a fast food restaurant, you just have to know exactly what to eat and what to leave alone.
Looks can be deceiving. A plain grilled chicken sandwich is a pretty healthy lunch. However, a grilled chicken sandwich with cheese and mayonnaise not.
Be smart and be healthy.

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