How To Lose Stomach Fat For Kids

How To Lose Stomach Fat For Kids

Having children changes the lifestyle, and if you’re like most women, your body also. The greatest weight loss worries many mothers have is how to lose belly fat after having kids. This applies to women who have had several children and those who just had their first. Exercise routines in beauty magazine and DVDs encourage abdominal crunches. However, many mothers frustrated after doing thousands of crunches, only to find the belly pooch persists
You need:. .
Fruits and vegetables Mobile telephony Lean protein.
Low-fat dairy products.
Whole grains.

Eat three small meals and two or three snacks a day. This jump starts your metabolism, increases your ability to burn fat, and helps you get a slimmer midsection. Break diet-busting habits, which are done with children overs.

Prepare meals that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and low-fat dairy products. In addition to limiting weight gain when eaten in moderation, these foods provide vitamins to nourish the body. Feed your kids the same diet. It will help them to build healthy bones and muscles, and teach them healthy habits.

Shun white bread and pasta. A study published by the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism indicated that replacing white bread and pasta with whole grains in conjunction with a low-calorie diet reduces weight around the abdomen.


Perform cardiovascular exercises at least three times a week. As you lose weight all over your body, your stomach will automatically begin to slim down. Play tag or baseball, or ride with the kids. Take a brisk walk whenever possible. Keep your abdominal muscles pulled in and spine straight. If you have a toddler, carrying him in a backpack baby carrier. The extra pounds intensify results from walking.

Do exercises that target your abs, but skip crunches. Michele Olson, PhD, professor of exercise science at Auburn University says that crunches target primarily rectus abdominis, which is only several abdominal muscles. As a replacement, do exercises like leg circles, leg planks, curls and toe taps

Tips and Warnings

While you are losing weight, avoid common fashion pitfalls, such as wearing oversized clothing or tucked-in tops. These meetings make you look bigger around the waist.
Carbonated drinks and vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower cause gas and bloating. Avoid them if you plan to have a slim fitting outfits.
Abdominal exercises tight muscles, but there is no research that shows that they reduce belly fat, according to exercise physiologist and nutritionist Martica Heaner, PhD. , M. A., M. Ed. If your goal is to burn fat, focus on making various types of cardio exercise, such as swimming and cycling.
Get enough sleep. Fight the temptation to stay up late to complete tasks, put the kids to bed early and go to bed at a decent hour. A study published by Pub Med indicates a correlation between lack of sleep and slow metabolism and obesity.

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