How Do Iced Coffee Protein

How Do Iced Coffee Protein

Eating breakfast is important for maintaining good health, but sometimes it’s difficult to eat solid food early in the morning especially during the hot summer months. Combining some protein powder with a cool refreshing iced coffee is a great way to start the morning with some much need calories and nutrients. The little caffeine boost is also a welcome addition for those of use who do not like waking up early

You need:
Coffee Pot
. Ground Coffee.
Protein Powder.
Lots of Ice. MobiltelefoniFlavored syrup, optional.

Brew a pot of coffee in the coffee pot as you normally would. When the coffee is finished brewing, turn off the coffee pot.

Pour about 1/2 cup to a cup of coffee in the blender. Add one to two tablespoons of protein powder. Turn on the blender and mix until the protein powder is dissolved in the coffee. The protein powder will be mixed into the coffee easier if the coffee is hot.

Add several ice cubes and pour extra coffee over ice cubes. The coffee should cool as the ice melts. You can add flavored syrup or sweeteners in this time if you want.

When ice cubes are melted, add more ice cubes and turn the blender on. The coffee should be cool enough that it will melt the ice cubes that will be crushed to add texture to the ice coffee. You can continue to add more ice cubes to thicken coffees. When coffee looks and tastes the way you want it to, pour it into a tall glass and enjoy.

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