How To Buy Low Sodium Foods

How To Buy Low Sodium Foods

Being on a low sodium diet can be something fun. Almost anything tempting on a restaurant menu is prohibited. Soups, fried foods and even salad dressings are considered taboo. In the supermarket, it is easier to control the amount of sodium you take in. You only need to read labels and has a low sodium grocery list

Stock up in the produce aisle. You can enjoy almost all raw fruits or vegetables with no worries about overdoing sodium. Nuts sold in this section is a safe bet, too, so long as they are raw and not cooked or smoked-no salt added
Do more research on dairy. . Rather than just put whatever you want in your cart. You have to stick to low-sodium cheeses. milk, eggs and yogurt fine, but when it comes to butter that spreads, you have two choices :. . unsalted or heart healthy options
Be very careful when wading through the processed food sections. Low sodium foods are defined as 35 mg sodium or less, with a goal of not more than 1000 mg of sodium per day. You can consume a full day’s worth of sodium with a can of soup. Stick with items labeled “low sodium” and even then, check the nutritional information to see how many servings are in one package.

Court carefully as you round the deli case. If it says “smoked,” look the other way. Bologna is not a good choice. Fresh meat, poultry and fish that are not breaded or seasoned are safe for a low sodium diet.

Indulge in gelatin desserts, low fat ice cream, fruit with whipped dairy toppings and marshmallows. For everything else, read the label
Season food with pepper, garlic without added salt, vinegar, jelly, low-sodium ketchup, honey -. . Or, if you’re really craving salt, a salt substitute which NuSalt or NoSalt a safe choice.

Tips and Warnings

Consult a nutritionist if your doctor has put you on a low sodium diet.

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