How To Pass Sweets Without Feeling Left Out

How To Pass Sweets Without Feeling Left Out

One of the main causes of weight gain and sluggishness afternoon’s sugar intake. But when you try to avoid sugar, it seems to be everywhere, making it hard to avoid without feeling deprived

You need:
will power
!. Sugarless gum or mints.
Scented candles.
Unsalted nuts.
A PC with an Internet connection.

Before facing the day without sugar, take the time to read Internet articles about what sugar does to your health. When you are armed with the facts, it is easier to resist the temptation! Sugar adversely affects the immune system, your energy level, weight, and cholesterol levels.

Chew sugarless gum or pop a sugarless mint so you will have a sweet taste in your mouth without buying the vending machine candy bar.

Another way to keep the sweetness around you is to use your favorite fragrance. This will help you feel good about yourself without extra goodies.

Keep unsalted nuts in your briefcase, and eat a few every two to three hours to keep your blood sugar up. Falling blood glucose trigger sugar cravings.

If you tend to crave sweets at night, burning a sweet scented candles and enjoy the scent instead.

Tips and Warnings

Keep sweets away from view as much as possible. If you normally walk past a vending machine, take an alternative route.
Drink lots of water too, this will help with sugar cravings.

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