2000 Calorie Diet Plan

2000 Calorie Diet Plan

We should be consuming a balanced diet of about 2,000 calories per day. The food pyramid, which is used to put more effort into starch, has changed and has now moved whole grains and vegetable group to bottom. For many Americans, eating 2,000 calories per day is a drastic reduction in caloric intake and when you follow the diet, watch your weight loss. For others who already eat healthy balanced diet, helping the 2,000 plan maintain a reasonable weight

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Foods to Eat
To maintain healthy weight loss or just maintain your weight, eat a nutritious diet that contains mainly fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, dairy products, nuts and seeds. Processed foods should be eaten in moderation, if not eliminated altogether. Lean meat and fish should also be eaten in small portions.

When grocery shopping, always consider how the food you buy, will help your body to grow stronger and healthier. For example, comparing a bag of potato chips for an apple for a snack and think about what snack would be more beneficial for your body.

Another attention to diet is what you drink. Water is always the best thirst quencher. Avoid alcohol and sugary sodas. Even diet sodas should be reduced, if not eliminated. Before buying juice, look at the nutrition label for the amount of calories per serving. Some bottles of juice has a surprisingly high sugar and calorie count.
meal Plans
Eat three 500 calorie or smaller meals throughout the day. You can also have three 100 calorie snacks, too.

For example, a typical breakfast includes two eggs, two slices of bacon cooked in a microwave oven and two pieces of wheat toast with a teaspoon of butter. You can also have a glass, or 8 grams of milk.

Your morning snack can be a handful almonds, grapes or even a 90 calorie snack. For lunch, have a chef salad with dressing (preferably oil and vinegar) on the side, along with whole wheat Melba toast.

Afternoon snacks, is again 100 calories, and may include a few pieces of string cheese and carrots. Dinner may include a 3 ounce of lean meat, a starch such as a small baked potato, a serving of brown rice or couscous ,. And a small garden salad

A few hours before bedtime, have a small snack that is at or below 100 calories. A small low-fat yogurt or a healthy shake of skim milk and fruit will hit the spot.
Doing Plan Framework
As with any healthy lifestyle, remove food offenders of your life to maintain true health. These offenders include sugar, alcohol, processed foods and tobacco.

Introduce more water and exercise into your day. If you are looking to lose weight, exercise, plus an increase water intake will help shed pounds.

Besides, if you divert from your plan, do not give up. Everyone should have some days where they can eat whatever they want. Just be sure to return to your normal calorie intake to keep healthy weight maintenance.

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