Healthy Eating On The Subway

Healthy Eating On The Subway

When you think of fast food, usually one thing that comes to mind-fat. All these fatty burgers, greasy fries and triple-thick milk shakes really pack on the pounds. But it is possible to get fast food that is good for you. Subway Fresh Fit sandwiches includes a good selection of subs, and they all contain less than 6 grams of fat

Try Subway Oven Roasted chicken breast sandwich. This sandwich is made with an oven roasted chicken breast patty, fresh vegetables and fat-free dressing, served on your favorite fresh bread.

Eat a Subway Veggie Delite. This is like a salad on a sandwich. Choose your bread and load it with lettuce, tomato, onions, green peppers, olives and pickles.

Buy Subway’s Turkey Breast Ham sandwich. These two traditional tastes taste great together. Choose your favorite bread and download the fresh veggies on top of a healthy, tasty meal.

Enjoy a Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. This sandwich is made of lean, tender teriyaki-glazed chicken strips and served at your favorite fresh bread. Top it with fat-free Sweet onion sauce and fresh vegetables, and you have a delicious hot sandwich that will not pack on the pounds.

Indulge in a subway salad. You can make any sandwich a salad, just be sure to choose one of the Fresh Fit sandwiches to keep things light. Avoid heavy dressings and choose a raspberry vinaigrette instead.

Tips and Warnings

Avoid fattening sauces as mayonnaise, cheese and salad dressings. These adds unnecessary fat and calories.

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