How To Quickly Lose Five Pounds

How To Quickly Lose Five Pounds

Five pounds is easy to lose if you give yourself a week and do not expect the weight to stay forever. The body is mostly made of water. If you want to shed a few pounds to fit into a special dress or bathing suit, the fastest and easiest way is to lose water weight. When someone first goes on a diet, is usually the first weight loss water weight. Here you will learn how to increase water loss and quickly lose 5 pounds in a week or less
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Begin by drinking one glass of water with each meal and between each meal. This helps to flush out your system and eliminate toxins in the blood. Although it sounds counterintuitive, you must drink lots of water to minimize water retention.

Calculate the average bedtime and counting 2.5 hours before it. Starting at this time every night, you can not eat anything before you wake up in the morning. Eating right before bedtime, not only negatively affect your sleep, it makes you gain weight quickly.

Start the day with a large, well-balanced breakfast. A piece of fruit, whole grain toast, and an egg is a perfect energy packed breakfast. You need to jump start your metabolism with healthy food as soon as you can.

Begin each meal with a serving of fresh vegetables or fruit. You should begin in this way to first fill your stomach with healthy nutrients that are low in calories. Then they are less likely to overeat higher calorie foods.

Eat every three hours during the day. Of course, make sure that these snacks are low in fat but high in protein and fiber. Whole grain crackers, low-fat yogurt, fruit and vegetables and small amounts of cheese are appropriate. If you plan what to eat at the beginning of each day, it will simplify snack times.

Tips and Warnings

combine exercise along with a healthy diet helps you lose weight faster than a sedentary lifestyle.
Do not try to eat a diet lower than 1250 calories per day. This will cause the body to shut down in survival mode. Not only is it unhealthy, you will lose weight much slower this way because your metabolism slows down.

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