Eat Less At A Party

Eat Less At A Party

The parties always seem to have the best menus, but also the fattest. And even when the menu is relatively healthy thrill of eating at a party can cause you to overeat.
Here’s what to do before the party to help you control your caloric intake
You need:. .
light meal, feel free fruit.

Drink water before going to a party. Many times our mind is telling us we are hungry when really we lack adequate hydration. Not only will drinking water helps fill you up before this party, but it’s what your body needs.

If water is not enough, so eat a light snack. Whether some cookies or some fruit will do, so when you come to the party will not be stuffing yourself unnecessary calories.

Split dessert with a friend. Do not eat the whole thing! Or eat healthier option is a available. You’ll be thankful you did yourself that chocolate cake too tempting to pass up.

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