How To Eat Out With Special Dietary Needs

How To Eat Out With Special Dietary Needs

You will learn important tips for eating out with special needs

Establish your particular needs, f. Ex. gluten free, lactose free, low sugar

Call restaurants in advance to inform them of your special requests. It is much easier for them to accept you when they know in advance, especially if you are eating out on a weekend night.

If possible, get access to the restaurants’ website to view its menu. Some restaurants offer special menus that address different dietary needs, ie. weight management, gluten. If the restaurant does not have a website you can always call and ask them to fax or send you a menu.

Carry information card with you that your list nutritional needs. When ordering, please give one to the wait staff. Sometimes it’s hard to remember dietary needs when you are on the spot.

Most restaurants can make changes to the items on their menu. When in doubt, leave it out. If you are unsure about a certain preparation, leave the sauce off!

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