How To Find The Right Size Of A “deal” For Meals

How To Find The Right Size Of A “deal” For Meals

Millions of Americans are obese today. It’s really no wonder with all the fast food places lining both sides of the streets. Eating unhealthy foods is probably the leading cause of obesity. Overeating is another problem. How do you know what is right portion of food to eat? Sometimes you can not measure food when you eat out. Here are some tips to give you a reasonable estimate of what a portion size really is
You need:. .
measuring cup
A scale.
Common sense.

If you are preparing a food from a package, be sure to read the nutrition label. Nutrition label will tell you the correct portion size in grams / cup / ss, etc., such as a display of grain is considered to be 1/2 cup. Nutrition label will also tell you how many calories per serving. Grainy I mentioned above has 80 calories. It is important to keep track of your portion sizes because if you eat more than one serving, you also consume extra calories.

If you eat out at a restaurant, you will not have the availability of measuring foods with a measuring cup. You can still calculate your serving by using some common sense. To estimate the amount of one serving of vegetables, cooked cereal or fruit that would be considered a cup, make a fist with your hand. Visualize your fist and measuring cup. It is about the same size (unless you are a giant with big hands). Now visualize the portion size of a vegetable on your plate. It should be placed within your fist. This is a good estimate for a cup serving. For half cup servings, of course, would only be half of that amount.

Okay, so this was pretty easy, right? How suppose you gram? Your protein is usually measured in grams. This would include meat or entree if eating out. Get your hand out, holding it in front of you with your palm facing you. Visually draw a circle that starts where the fingers join the hand. This area is an example of how much space on the plate 3 oz. Meat should cover.

The latest reading is for gram. You may want to have a handful of peanuts, cashews or raisins. How will you measure this? You will again need your hand (I bet you already had it out in front of you and ready, right? Good for you!) And if not, well it’s time to get hand out! Place your hand in front of you with your palm up. Now cup your hand. The amount of nuts to equal 1 oz. should fit in cup your hand and not drop out. Remember that over do it is cheating!

Tips and Warnings

Keep a calorie book handy to consult for calories and portion sizes.
A good website to check calories is www. CalorieKing. com
When eating out, be sure to ask for a take home box if parts are oversized.
Remember to eat healthy all the time-it’s a good habit
When estimating portions, remember that cheating is at your expense, and only your bill !. You’re just adding calories to your diet and overeating. This results in fat deposits and additional weight.

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