How To Lose Weight If You’re Stuck At A Desk Job All Day Long

How To Lose Weight If You’re Stuck At A Desk Job All Day Long

Having a job that forces you to sit in a cubicle or office all day presents some interesting challenges if you are trying to lose or maintain your weight. The same basic rules that apply to everyone else will help you lose weight. You must eat less calories than you burn, and if you sit down all day, you must be even more careful about what kind of food your diet consists of

Start by calculating how many calories your body burns per day using Calorie Calculator (link below under Resources). This tool will help you get started with a strategy to either lose or maintain weight. Remember that since you can not move for a large part of the day, this calculator probably overestimates the amount of calories you burn. When you get an initial estimate, make it your goal to take in fewer calories than you burn. This will result in weight loss.

Again, since you are inactive for most of the day, exercise is even more important for you. When you get home, so tired as you may be, you have to find time to go to run, walk, weightlifting or engage in any other form of exercise you enjoy. If you’re not used to this kind of activity, start slowly.

Start training 2 times per week and move it up to 3, 4 and then 5 times each week after that. You can also start with smaller and lighter sessions. For example, if you choose to drive, do not begin to walk 5 miles in its first week. Begin on a half mil then move up slowly. These small steps will allow you to better adapt to the changes you make, and increase the likelihood that you stick to them. If you are more of a morning person, consider going to the gym before work. You can also try to go during your lunch break if schedule permits.

What types of foods you eat can also help you lose weight. Stay away from junk food that is high in sugar (donuts, honey buns, soft drinks, coffee with plenty of sugar). These calories are digested quickly and in a situation like sitting down all day, is not required by your body. Calories that are not burned up right away will be stored as fat leading to weight gain. Eat foods that are high in complex carbohydrates (whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, oats) since they are digested much slower.

You should also eat smaller more frequent meals as this helps the body to utilize energy more efficiently. Do not forget to eat breakfast, even if you do not have enough time. It can be something small and easy, but you must eat something first tomorrow. Also, try to pack your own lunch instead of going out and getting hamburgers, tacos or pizza. Sandwiches, salads, tuna, pasta, rice and chicken are all great ways to cut down on calories.
Losing weight is not impossible even if you have to sit in front of a computer all day long. Such situations require more planning than active jobs, but with small steps, you will see a difference. For more ideas on how to lose weight, go to the Beginner’s Guide to Dieting. You should also check out how others have managed to lose weight at work on diet forums and exercise forums. All these tools can be found below under resources.

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