How Many Calories Are In Honey?

How Many Calories Are In Honey?

What is honey?
Honey is a sweet, sticky syrup produced by bees with nectar from flowers. Bees make honey as food for themselves, but many animals like honey too. Specifically honeybee vomiting. It may sound gross, but a bee’s stomach is like a factory for honey. A bee will ingest, then regurgitate honey several times until it is digested to the consistency desired. It’s not just a bee, but many bees, which will help the process.

After they have had a good consistency, honey is put into a honeycomb, where the bees flap wings to help evaporation of water left over in the syrup. The reduced amount of water increases the sugar-to-water ratio and prevents fermentation.

After evaporation, the final product be sealed and have a long shelf life.
Nutritional Value of Honey
Honey is a natural product without the need for any further additions such as sugars or salts. The finished syrup is mainly natural sugar at 16 grams per tablespoon.

According to the National Honey Board, there are 64 calories per tablespoon of natural honey.

The nutritional values ​​are as follows per tablespoon, according to the National Honey Board:

Water: 3.6 g

Total Carbohydrate 17.3g
Fructose: 8.1 g
Glucose: 6.5 g
Maltose: 1.5 g

According Honey Board, honey contains some acids (amino and organic) with antioxidant enzymes and vitamin C.

Protein: 0. 266 percent
Nitrogen: 0. 043 percent
amino acids, 0.05 to 0.1 percent

Vitamin C: 0.1 milligrams

Honey also contain very small amounts of minerals calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, copper, chromium and manganese.
Use of Honey
Honey is mainly used as a sweetening agent for food. Honey can be put on bread, fruit, meat, sweets and more. Honey can also be used as a preservative for food. Meat can be marinated in honey for a while without going bad, and studies have shown honey to reduce browning of fruit.

For children over 12 months old, honey can also be used as a sedative to help them sleep. Do not give honey to an infant.

This natural syrup can also be used to aid sore throat as his thick, sticky quality helps to coat and soothe.

Honey may like other natural products (green tea, avocado) applied directly to the skin to wet and to prevent acne. Many face creams already contain some amount of honey.

such as vitamin E, honey can help soothe burns. It is a natural antiseptic that contains small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. Use honey inside bandages to help a burn heal faster.

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