How To Make Eating Fruit Fun For Kids

How To Make Eating Fruit Fun For Kids

Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat fruit? Make eating fruit fun! This is wonderful for birthday parties, pool parties, and more! Children will enjoy helping you make and eat these fruit kebab
You need:. .
Assorted fruit.
Assorted Cookie Cutters.

Start by gathering all the necessary supplies. You need a clean coutertops to prepare for.

Wash all fruits thoroughly using warm water.

Cut fruit into thin plates, no more than a “thick. Note: Grapes and strawberries are best cut in half or left entirely
Use cookie cutters to cut fruit into fun shapes (This can also be done with a knife, but be careful…) The kids love to help with this part. The left spare bits can be used to make a fruit salad.

Place the fruit on to the kebab. This is another step where the kids can help.
Add all kebabs on a platter, and ENJOY! If you plan to eat them right away, be sure to refridgerate.

Tips and Warnings

Flowers and butterfly cookie cutters are great for girls’ birthday parties.
I place myself in a clean, unused flower pot use and a tasty centerpiece.
Be careful when using the knife.
Always assist children when using knives and sharp cookie cutters.

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