How To Boost Your Iron Level For Plasma Donation

How To Boost Your Iron Level For Plasma Donation

To be eligible for plasma donation, your iron levels to be within the acceptable range. Having a low iron level will expose you from plasma donation. There are things you can do to contribute to increased iron levels so that you can have a successful plasma donation

Find out how much iron you get every day. It is estimated that over 60% of women do not get enough iron. Read food labels and make it your goal to get at least 18 milligrams of iron per day, which is the recommended amount. If labels mention iron in percentages, adding them together until you have 100%. Avoid drinking coffee, tea or milk when you eat foods high in iron, which they slow the absorption of iron. Vitamin C helps iron absorbs better, then you should consider a glass of fruit juice or eat vitamin C foods along with foods high in iron.

Choose cereals high in iron, such as shredded wheat, Cheerios, Life or Total, to name a few. In total, 18 mg. of iron, a great help towards increasing your iron levels for plasma donation!

Eat dark green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli or swiss chard. Add nuts, beans, raisins, prunes, apricots or diet.

Add tuna, oysters and other types of fish to your diet. These are also good choices to take iron levels up to an acceptable range for plasma donation.

Consume lean red meat, beef or liver. Ground beef has 3.9 mg. iron and liver (not surprisingly) is an excellent source of iron 7. 5 mg.
Consider a multi-vitamin with 100% of the daily iron. As people get older they can not absorb iron as well. Adding an iron pill is a good option if you can eat iron packaged foods does not appear to raise iron levels much. Be sure to take vitamins with food, otherwise they can cause an upset stomach.

Tips and Warnings

With such a variety of iron packaged foods, it should be easy to find something that you can add to increase iron levels, improve your health and lead to successful plasma donation!
Check food labels for the amount of iron in each food. Different brands of the same food can have different levels of iron.
Avoid getting too much iron. Take iron pills only if iron levels are low.

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