How To Cure A Hangover Tomorrow

How To Cure A Hangover Tomorrow

When you drink too much the night before, you regret it the next morning. Well, maybe that hangover you have to be temporary, but there are a few things you can do to make it even shorter

Hydrate yourself. This is the most important, and must be done before anything else. You did not do it the night before, so start right now. Even if you feel sick to your stomach, you absolutely must start drinking water and lots of it. Not only work to naturally flush toxins out of your system, it hydrates you. That headache you have is from lack of moisture, so start drinking more water.

Take aspirin. Put down the bottle of acetaminophen as it’s bad for your liver. You already did damage enough that organ last night. Also, studies have shown that taking acetaminophen, while alcohol can lead to even worse liver damage. Aspirin also works faster on aches and pains. If your stomach is very sensitive, take ibuprofen instead.

Eat protein and vitamin-rich foods. What your body needs is protein for fuel, and vitamins to replace those depleted from the night before. A couple of eggs, an orange or half a grapefruit and a glass of pomegranate juice will definitely get your body on the way to feel more normal.

Rest and recuperate. The best cure for a hangover is to let the body come in their own time. If you do not have a whole day to sleep and let yourself recover, put aside at least 20 minutes that you have to yourself and lay down. Even if you do not fall asleep completely, letting your body rest is very important. You will notice the difference when you get up.

Prevent it from happening again. In future if you come home drunk and know that you can wake up with a hangover, drink two full glasses of water before going to bed. If you have a multi-vitamin you take, take another for good measure and a couple of aspirin. Your body will thank you tomorrow.

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