How To Get Kids To Eat Right

How To Get Kids To Eat Right

Studies show that obesity in children can often predict your child’s weight later in life. Getting kids to eat right is not always easy, but here are some tips to help you with the challenge

Whenever possible, try to eat meals together as a family. If eating together is not an option, you must have healthy last-minute options on hand to avoid fatty foods and soda fast food and take out dinners. Encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Limit child soda and juice intake. Both have lots of sugar and calories. Keep plenty of bottled water in the fridge so when your child is thirsty, it’s cold and easily accessible.

Limit treats like ice cream, cake and sweets for special occasions such as birthday parties and holidays. Keep healthy snacks on hand as yogurt, frozen fruit bars, bananas, grapes and apples.

Tips and Warnings

Pack your child’s school lunch. Not only will it save you money, it will be a much healthier meal.
Remember that children tend to watch what you do. Set a good example and improve nutrition habits as well.

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