Eating Pasta And Lose Weight

Eating Pasta And Lose Weight

We all know that the whole wheat pasta is significantly more beneficial for you than regular pasta. The problem is, we have grown up on plain white pasta, and we do not particularly care for the taste (or color!) Of whole wheat variety. We can either try to choke it down, or try a few things to help flavor. Here are some tips that will have you loving pasta again and not have to give up some of the nutritional benefits of whole wheat
Switch to 100% durum wheat pasta. It can be purchased at your local grocery or specialty store like Whole Foods. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied. It is still considered a 100% whole wheat unrefined pasta, but it is made from semolina, so pasta is white and tastes just as good as usual pasta or better! Splurge for organic, and it will run you around $ 1.99 a half kilos. Not bad.

Pick your sauce wisely. As an Italian, I can tell you that the whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce is not ideal. Once you have your spaghetti and meatballs, the durum wheat pasta! Delicious! Save brown whole wheat pasta for olive oil or garlic based sauces such as pesto, where the flavors complement each other better.

Not chef. Whole wheat pasta tends to become grainy and mushy if heated too long. Taste them periodically and take them off the heat when they are still slightly al dente.

Finally, visualize your body to break down carbohydrates more efficiently and fat dripping off your body! Remind yourself how much better this pasta is for you, so even though it may be a bit more money, or perhaps does not taste exactly the way you want it to, it’s better for you as long run!

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