Healthy Menus For Seniors

Healthy Menus For Seniors

Pensioners may face dietary issues because of his age and failing health. Many seniors want to age-related diseases like heart disease, because of their choice of food. Seniors are more likely to use dentures, which can make it harder to chew certain foods. Consider these factors when preparing healthy menus for Seniors
Fruits and vegetables
Everyone should eat a proper allocation of fruit and vegetables every day, but this is even more important as you age. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber. Fiber to keep the body’s system common. Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants, which aid in preventing certain diseases. Healthy menus for seniors should include lots of fruits and vegetables with every meal or snack.
Pensioners tend to dry easily, according to the Free drinking water (see references below) as menu planning should include fruit juices and water. If the person is accustomed to having coffee in the morning to allow a cup or two. Limit your intake of coffee and other beverages with caffeine, caffeine can cause dehydration
Sample meal plans for seniors can include a breakfast with a high-fiber muffin, one poached egg and fruit juice. . Alternatively, you can try two slices of toast made from whole grain bread as rye or pumpernickel. A grain high in fiber may be replaced by a couple of days a week for variety.

Mid-morning snack should include a piece of fresh fruit. Since senior citizen may have difficulty eating hard fruits like apples, consider using a food processor to convert apple to applesauce. This is healthier than buying processed applesauce products. Give fruit juice or water with snack.

Lunch choices may include a cup of soup with a half sandwich. Prepare sandwich with whole grain bread and chicken or turkey. Use fat free mayonnaise or mustard to spice sandwich. Top your sandwich with a tomato slice and leaf of lettuce. Add a glass of skim milk or if the person is lactose intolerant try soy milk.

Afternoon snacks include, whole grain cracker snacks with low fat cheddar or Swiss cheese. Alternatively, another piece of fresh fruit such as grapes, a plum or a peach. Give fruit juice or water.

Dinner should be light fare since the person can retire for the night soon. Consider a bowl of chicken noodle soup or vegetable beef. Boneless, skinless chicken breast, working two servings of fresh vegetables and a serving of brown rice well on alternate nights to eliminate boredom. Substitute fresh fish choices such as salmon, cod or flounder for chicken. For dessert considering a fresh berry bowl topped with fat free whipped topping. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or a mixture of fruit is a good substitute for sugar-filled, fat desserts. Add a glass of skim milk or soy milk or juice with dinner.

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