How To Control High Blood Sugar Naturally

How To Control High Blood Sugar Naturally

Obesity is on the rise! Because of this, many people are looking for natural ways to make your diet more healthy while preventing future complications of obesity.
As more adults in the western hemisphere becomes obese, the chance of developing high blood sugar levels and type II diabetes is also increasing. Following these steps will give you some good guidelines to follow to control high blood sugar levels. The steps will allow you to actually prevent high blood sugar if followed directly.
You need:
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Computer with internet access.

Do your research! Find out which foods will when incorporated into your diet to help lower blood sugar. These types of foods have been shown in studies to help reduce the chance of high blood pressure, heart disease and even help you lose weight.

Take a notebook and a pen and write down the foods that are listed below. Note the nutritional values ​​of each food. Next take a permanent fixture in your diet for three days. Once this is done make a thorough evaluation of servings of food that you eat, and what value they are to your daily diet. Ask yourself these questions: Am I getting the required amount of vitamins and nutrients in my diet? Am I eating enough fruits and vegetables, or is my diet very much processed food, fat and starch? If the latter is true then it is time to take stock of your diet and doing some simple but very effective changes to improve your health!

Write down the lists of foods below and write out a new diet for yourself that includes 4-5 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit per day. Print a diet plan for the next 3-5 days and stick with it! Go to the market and buy food that you need to eat on a diet. Inventory your pantry and throw away food that provides little nutrition but adding large amounts of fat, starch and calories to your diet.

Create your diet with a good selection of foods listed below. This keeps you from getting bored of eating the same things and do a great variety of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

one. Vitamin C and Antioxidants: All citrus fruits, melons, cherries, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce,
Romaine increases
Vitamin C immune system and helps iron absorption in the blood

2. Beta-Carotene (antioxidant): Tomatoes, broccoli, apricots, melons,
oranges, cabbage, spinach, carrots
Beta carotene reduces the chance of cancer and heart disease

three. Vitamin E: Found in most dark green leafy vegetables
High fiber diets help reduce the chance of colon cancer
A sample diet is prepared for you to help you get a sense of what you need to include in your diet. This diet is high in vitamins and minerals while low in fat and starch that will help you improve all health conditions that have been discussed previously

Veggie omelett- (1 egg, tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms) Cook with Pam or low fat spray
sliced ​​Tomatoes
1 slice of whole grain toast
1 glass of orange juice
Tea or coffee
Grilled chicken wrap (Chopped white chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, low fat low calorie ranch dressing, wrapped in a warm whole wheat tortilla)
1 apple slices
tea or water
Afternoon Snack
Bowl of berries or cantelope

Grilled fish, chicken, or turkey (white meat)
green beans
Broccoli, carrot, cauliflower medley with low-fat cheese sauce
1 Dinner Roll
Tea, coffee or water to drink
Late Night Snack
bowl of fruit or small tossed salad with low fat, low calorie dressing

Tips and Warnings

Remove all foods that you should not have from the closet, pantry and refrigerator. This will help you stick to the diet hat you have made instead of wanting things just because you know they are within reach. Plan to start exercising at least 10 minutes per day to start. A brisk walk will suffice. Exercise does not have to be difficult or very taxing. The best motto is to keep it simple and easy to follow!
If you have diabetes or any chronic disease consult a physician or medical professional before starting any new diet.

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