Food To Eat To Lose Weight Fast

Food To Eat To Lose Weight Fast

There are many foods you can eat that will help you lose a few pounds quickly. It’s a simple strategy: Fill yourself up with lower-calorie food so you’ll have less room in your stomach for higher calorie foods. Limiting the types of foods you eat can only be a short-term plan, but it is one that can have a long term positive effect, because the feeling you experience from losing the first few pounds so quickly can help you stay motivated to eat less and make better food choices in the long run.
High Protein Foods
Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle showed that people who follow a high protein diet consume fewer calories and lose more weight than those who eat less protein. In the long run, a high protein diet does not provide the healthiest balance of nutrients, and can actually put you at higher risk of developing heart disease. The most successful short-term plan to jump-start a weight loss program, however, is a diet that includes lean meats, skinless poultry, fish or egg whites at each meal, accompanied by non-starchy vegetables, but with few or no grains or starch.

There are two reasons why you lose weight fast when you follow a high protein diet. First you lose the excess water weight as body casts fluids normally required to metabolize carbohydrates. The body does not need much water to process proteins. The second reason you lose weight is that without carbohydrates come into energy, the body starts to burn more stored fat.
Low Calorie Foods
Some foods are so low in calories that you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight. These foods include most vegetables and some fruit. There is a reason why salads and cut-up raw vegetables have always been a popular diet food. There are so few calories lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers or other vegetables that traditionally goes into a salad. Still, if you eat enough of it, a salad fills you up, or at least put a good dent in your appetite, so you do not eat as much throughout the rest of the meal.

The secret to successful weight loss is to eat fewer calories, but do not let yourself get too hungry or you are bound to give up and overeat. The more you fill yourself up with low-calorie foods such as steamed or raw vegetables and low in fat and “light” dairy products, including yogurt and cheese, the less space you have in your stomach for higher calorie foods.
Water-Rich Foods
Soups, citrus fruits, vegetables, decaffeinated tea and coffee, diet drinks, clear broths and spritzers made of seltzer with a splash of juice are all good examples of foods that are low in calories, but help you feel full because they contain a lot of water that helps to fill up the stomach.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a popular example of a watery food diet. In a variation of this diet, you start by filling you up with a watery vegetable soup made with low-calorie ingredients. There is no reason, however, to limit yourself to cabbage soup. Any broth-based vegetable soup will do.

Other water-rich foods with a little more bite include plain low-fat yogurt, tofu, cucumber, crisp lettuce, watermelon and grapes.

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