Using Farm Fresh Delivery Service In Indianapolis

Using Farm Fresh Delivery Service In Indianapolis

If you have trouble getting to the farmers market, the Indianapolis-based Farm Fresh Delivery solution. The company collects fresh organic produce and other grocery items from local farmers and brings them right to your door once a week (or biweekly, if you prefer). Here’s how you can benefit from this innovative service
do you need:
Internet access

Visit Farm Fresh Delivery website to find more. . about the service and sign up for delivery. Before you sign up, you can see a list of participating farmers and artisans, such as Traders Point Creamery, Homestead growers and Dillman Farms. Also check the delivery schedule to ensure that the service is available in your area.

Select the size of bin you want to receive every week. Larger windows cost more than smaller bins, with prices from $ 25 to $ 50 (no extra delivery charge.) $ 25 fruits, vegetables and groceries bin is perfect for two people, but note that you have to buy an additional $ 10 grocery items each time to reach the $ 35 minimum.
A few days before the first delivery, go to the website to choose fruits and vegetables that will go into your bin. Farm Fresh Delivery provides suggested menu with fresh products based on what is in season, but you can make as many changes as you wish.

Do not forget to add grocery items your bin, too. Farm Fresh Delivery carries locally produced eggs, dairy products, bread, pickles, popcorn, fresh pasta and much more. Our favorites are the local People’s Foods pasta sauce, Sechler’s pickles and fresh pasta from Chef Tony.

If you wish to receive an item each time, such as milk or eggs, put the item on the “standing order” list. It will save you time when you adjust the current order every week.
Extract the first delivery when it arrives. It may feel like Christmas! Save cooler bags, plastic bags and grocery bags where your foods are packaged, if you put them back in the bin, the Farm Fresh Delivery reuse or recycle them
On the day of the next delivery, leaving the empty container on the doorstep. Farm Fresh Delivery will replace it for a new bin filled with your current order.

Tips and Warnings

Be sure to read the newsletter that comes with every delivery. It includes announcements about new products and features recipes for in-season produce.
If you have non-perishable food items you wish to donate to a local food bank, stick them in your bin before it is picked up. Farm Fresh Delivery will make donation for you when it falls of its leftover ingredients of the food bank every week.

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