How To Get Your Body Back In Shape

How To Get Your Body Back In Shape

It gets hot and everyone is racing the clock to look good in their new summer gear. There are so many errors as we do because of the myths that are out there. Stick to these few basic rules and you will get great results
You need:
. willpower.
A cute bikini or Holiday attire to show off the result !.
Gym membership.

Join a gym. There is no way around this. If money is your excuse, it’s cheap gym membership. Lucille Roberts has a plan for $ 18 / month, Dolphin Fitness offers a plan for $ 25 / month and there is small local gyms that have $ 19 / Month plans. If you really cant afford that because we are in a recession, you need to make time to go around the park at least 3x a week. Play basketball, dancing, tennis. . . something to raise your heart rate! Cardio is important if you want to lose weight healthy.

Eat breakfast. You can not skip meals, especially breakfast. Some people think that they are saving calories by skipping breakfast, but you will most likely replace calories at lunch. You must eat during the first hour you are awake to jump start your metabolism. Your body is in starvation mode and not produce the enzymes needed to burn fat. . . then eat breakfast!

Replace white with brown. Replace white bread with whole wheat bread. Replace white rice with brown rice. Replace white pasta with whole wheat pasta. Replace white potatoes with sweet potato. This makes a huge difference. White carbs are high gylcemic and spike your blood insulin levels because they digest faster than brown. Brown carbohydrates are slower to digest, and the body is able to use them for sustained energy.

Motivation. We need a driving force to achieve our goal of losing weight. The strength of your motivation will determine how successful you are.

Tips and Warnings

Focus on positive not negative
Not eliminate meals

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