How To Start Jogging Right Path

How To Start Jogging Right Path

Running is a great way to exercise, but you want to do it right
You need:. .
Athletic Clothing.

Always think consult a doctor before starting an intensive exercise regimen as jogging. While jogging has many health benefits, there are some people who just should not do it.

Get a good pair of sneakers. These need not be expensive, but they do not have to be good quality. Look online for reviews-that’s enough.

Stretch. This is perhaps the most important part of preparing for running. Do not stretch can really hurt you. Do basic stretches, for example, of each barrel, toe touching, etc.

Before you start exercising, you must warm up properly by walking for five to ten minutes. This may be at a slow pace or a fast pace, but it is important to get the leg muscles supple and blood flowing.

For the first week, try to go for five minutes and jogging for one, and repeat for forty minutes or so. The next week, try to jog for two or three minutes in between five minutes to go. As the weeks go and get yourself stronger, you will be able to run for longer periods of time. Push yourself, but do not overdo it. The main slogan, jogging is “listen to your body”.
You should always end your workout with a cool down. Just as your warm up, this should be five to ten minutes to go. Now sit down, relax, and start enjoying the benefits of jogging!

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