How To Lose Those Last Ten Pounds

How To Lose Those Last Ten Pounds

Losing weight in a healthy manner is possible. But for someone who is not overweight, being able to lose 5 pounds can be a real challenge. Below are some tips to help you lose the one that weight and keep it off
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Change your lifestyle. The weight can be lost through a variety of strategies or methods, but the only way the weight will stay off is if you change your lifestyle permanently. Learning to live actively for a moment of time. Walk to the corner store, park in the back of the parking lot, do not park on the couch, get outside, even if it is just for a ride. The majority of calories you burn each day are burned throughout the day, not during intense workouts. You must LIVE the lifestyle you want your body to reflect.

Develop an aerobic habit. It may be running, cycling, weight training, swimming, an aerobics class, or any active sport. Choose something you enjoy and participate in the activity daily. You can choose more than one activity and alternate days if you like too.

Avoid the Pitfalls. You will not lose 5 pounds by saying yes to that extra cookie (even one), or the late-night movie watching marathon. It will drive a wedge between you and your goal, and will have a negative snowball effect. When you get momentum rolling with new habits, you need to keep going by maintaining your new habits with integrity. Which is more important to you? The choice is yours and the power is yours.

Tips and Warnings

Check for online tools to track your progress and set goals. There are a number of calorie calculators, driving logs, checklists, tips, and other tools available for free.

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