How To Evaluate Your Daily Calorie Needs

How To Evaluate Your Daily Calorie Needs

Most people do not know how many calories your body needs in an average day. As a consequence, many people consume far more calories than they need every day without even realizing it. Healthy weight control depends on balancing food calories, which represents the amount of energy you feed into your body and how much activity you have or how much energy you burn off. Of course this will vary from person to person, depending on weight, size, BMI and age
How Evaluate your daily caloric needs

Understanding the three main factors that make up the body’s use of energy :. metabolic rate, the thermic effect of food and energy that you expend during physical activity. With these three components, you can accurately determine how many calories your body needs every day.

Getting to know your metabolic rate. Most of the body’s energy (about seventy percent) will go to maintaining the ongoing metabolic function of all body organs and cells. This includes physical activities like breathing, heart beat, digestion, maintaining body temperature and even thinking. To determine your BMR, for adult men and women: multiply bodyweight by 10, then add double your body weight to the results
Calculate the thermal effect of Food. . . This factor in the metabolic equation is based on how the body digests the food you eat. Digestion of food itself requires and increase in energy, this type of energy known as the thermic effect of food (TEF) and it is relatively easy to calculate. TEF = total kcals consumed x 10% [ie 2000 kcals consumed / day x 0.10 = 200 kcals used TEF].

Calculate the energy you expend during physical activity. This component is variable depending on how much physical activity you get each day. Physical activity has a dramatic effect on the body’s total energy use. It uses up about thirty percent

Tips and Warnings

Some popular activities and calories they consume :.
Aerobics-230-340 Calories
Free weightlifting-285 calories
Playing basketball 380 calories
Golf -200 calories
Fjellklatring– 520 calories
Jogging-380 calories
Swimming-480 calories
Walking 160 calories
Chopping wood 290 calories
shoveling snow 290 calories
General DIY 145 calories
General gardening -75 calories

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