How To Change Get Rid Of Dandruff With Diet

How To Change Get Rid Of Dandruff With Diet

Dandruff may be caused by fungal infections, poor produced shampoo or stress. But many people with dandruff find that the root of the problem is actually in their daily diet. If you have been suffering from dandruff and can not find a medical solution to the problem, consider changing your diet to alleviate and potentially eliminate, your symptoms
You need:. .
fresh fruits
Raw vegetables.

Focus on fresh fruit. You should avoid canned fruits, citrus fruits and bananas. Instead, eat large quantities of apples, pineapples and melons.

Eat your vegetables raw. Cooking vegetables leaches valuable nutrients out of them. These nutrients can help keep your scalp healthy and prevent fungus that can live on her head from being able to get nutrients from the scalp.

Give up caffeine. Coffee and tea dehydrate the body as a whole and makes the skin more prone to dandruff. If you can not quit cold turkey, at least cut down.

Eat organically raised meat. The chemicals and pharmaceuticals conventionally had cattle ingest with their food can throw the entire bodily system out of balance and make you prone to skin problems and other health problems.

Tips and Warnings

If you are not sure whether a food is good for anti-dandruff diet, consider whether it is processed or refined. If it is still close to its natural state, so the food is probably fine to eat.
If dandruff continues to worsen, consult a dermatologist.
Work with a dietitian to be sure your new diet does not leave you malnourished.

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