How To Calculate The Ideal Bmi

How To Calculate The Ideal Bmi

Body Mass Index is a mathematical formula that is used to identify the percentage of fat a person is carrying. This goal is a more precise indicator of overall health than just weight alone, as it takes sex, height and body type into account. There are numeric areas on the index to determine the level of fat and indicating whether the current weight falls into a healthy or not

Stand in your bare feet, his back against a flat wall with your heels touching the wall, to measure the height accurately. Take a hardcover book and put it on top of your head. Looking straight ahead, make a small mark on the wall where the bottom of the book touches the wall. Take a tape measure and measure from the bottom of the wall to the mark. This is your height.

Measure your weight with an accurate scale. Before doing this, make sure your scale is properly calibrated. The initial value must be zero for an accurate reading. If not, adjust the scale or move it to a place where the floor is flat. Remove all your clothes and stand on a scale. Read the value and sign it.

Take values ​​of height and weight, and put them into the formula. The Body Mass Index value is the total body weight divided by height. Libra is measures in kilograms and height is measured in meters. The value is body mass index.

Calculate your body mass index. Less than 18.5 is considered underweight. Anywhere between 18.5 and 24.9 is healthy. A BMI 25 to 29.9 is more than healthy weight, and 30 or higher is unhealthy or obese weight.

Multiply your ideal BMI by your height in meters. The solution is your ideal weight in kilograms. Calculate for both lower value of the ideal BMI range, 18.5 and higher value, 24.9 to see the minimum and maximum weight you can be to fall within the ideal BMI range.

Tips & Warnings

BMI is an accurate guide to find a healthy weight range. It is based on the guidelines for adults, and is not intended for use by children or athletes.

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